I Feel A Storm Coming

hi there.im 23. ive had more colors of hair than i can remember. purple was my fave that ive dyed it. I love the color neon/lime green. ima people person. i enjoy meeting new people and learning from them. i love the summer, and anywhere that there are large bodies of water. i love beautiful scenes in nature, sunsets, the moon and stars on a clear night, etc. i love all types of food, but especially enjoy seafood, chinese food and italian. i will always try something before i say that i dont like it. im a loyal friend, and always there if any of mine need an ear to listen, or a shoulder to cry on. i will admit, i have and still make mistakes. if i know ive done some things wrong, i will be the first to admit i was incorrect. i really love fruity scents. i will shop just about anywhere for clothes, the way i see it, if i like the way it looks on me, it dosnt matter what store it came from. i always TRY to treat others the way i want them to treat me. sometimes i can be a bit unintentionally oblivious, but if you bring to my attention something ive overlooked, i will either appologize or attempt to correct the problem. in not a hateful person. i am incapable of hating anyone. i have people that i strongly dislike, but none that i hate. im also extremely forgiving. i cant stay angry at any one. if theres nething else you'd like to know feel free to ask :]
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